01 04

The task

The client wanted to revamp an application for self improvement and reached us to help them with it. We were asked to join a great team in the United States, with a cool idea and progress in its implementation.

The main challenges were to create a website for administrators to manage the application and create content dynamically, that could be integrated and work seamlessly with the iOS app.

02 04

The work

We have been working in a per Sprint basis, completing different tasks in the back-end such as: configuring tests, demo and production environments using DigitalOcean, creating backend modules adding authorization, authentication, integration with Activity, and CRUD methods for several entities. We also have been working on a responsive front-end based on Angular.

03 04

The results

We have managed to continuously deliver new features, adding tests for all our services, implementing services to feed native iOS app & administration section, integrating decision engine project as well as performing task automation and adding continuous integration tools.

04 04

The stack

Some of the tools and techs used: Activiti.org, Node.js, Bookshelf.js, Bluebird, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cloudinary, Mocha, Chai, Angular.js (angular ui, ui-router, ocLazyLoad, http-auth-interceptor), SASS, Protractor for testing, AWS, DIgitalOcean, Bash scripts, CodeShip, S3 storage, Slack, JIRA, Git.


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