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The task

In 2013 we were contacted by Gearstream to continue an application for Agile coaches and teams that was in development, using mainly Backbone, Handlebars, Cordova and SASS, among other technologies.

Our mission was to fix specific problems and complete some new tasks. If everything worked well, we had a great possibility to continue working together, adding more features and maintaining the application.

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The work

We started by working on their iPad app (using Cordova) and worked some months to release a version for beta testing. After that, client decided to focus on a redesign and a web version, in which we are still working. Tools & techs: Javascript, Backbone, Handlebars, SASS, D3, TapQuo, MagnumCI, Nightwatchjs, Pivotal Tracker, Flowdock, Stackmob, Backendless and Bassbox.

03 04

The results

After more than one year, we are still happily working together, with a team of three and a great product under development. Some of the main challenges we had were to refactor the app, to change the BAAS two times, to entirely redesign the app and to change the development methodology, to work in a more agile and lean way.

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The client

"Great development partner, excellent communication, and great product quality! Outstanding development team... real software artisans! We could not be happier."

GearStream via Freelancer


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