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The task

Ikusi is an audiovisual production company with social purposes, which seeks to make more visible some stories that deserve to be told and that for various reasons, do not have the visibility they should.

This producer was seeking a new website to show their work in a more attractive and accessible way, and we reached them to donate some of our time to support this good cause while doing what we love.

02 04

The work

We proposed different designs, had several meetings to brainstorm ideas on how this website could look and work, collaborated with the founder and other contributors in order to find the best way to approach the job.

03 04

The results

We decided to go with WP in order we could create a responsive website to showcase their videos and allow people to know more about the work Ikusi do, contact them, read about their news, etc. We adapted the design and added different custom plugins to create sections for testimonials, contact info and form, clients carousel, among others.

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The stack

Some of the tools and technologies we used: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Trello, Git, Dropbox, Openshift


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