01 04

The task

The client had a system for use as an internal tool for their company in US, which had two front-end apps (web and mobile) and a shared PHP back-end.

The applications needed some fixes in terms of architecture design and we were asked to maintain and enhance them, adding some features and creating parallel solutions.

02 04

The work

Some of the things we did were: great refactor of the existing PHP server, integrating MVC pattern, centralize connections to the database and standardize access to data. In addition, we fixed bugs, founded the basis for the creation of a REST API and added tests and test environments for services.

03 04

The results

As a result we obtained some significant improvements in the performance and stability of the apps. In addition, we created two parallel solutions: a set of responsive forms to capture customer information online and also a proposal to unify and create a mobile-web app based on Angular.

04 04

The stack

Some of the techs and tools used: PHP, MySQL, mocha.js, jasmine.js, superagent.js, Objective-C, Teamwork, Angular, HTML/CSS


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