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The task

The client was creating an application from scratch for its network of real estate offices to let them organize work and keep track of the activity of each branch and agent, create reports, among others.

They came to us looking to complete certain sections of the application both in terms of design and implementation, to betetr manage the different properties and other related functionalities.

02 04

The work

We provided a graphic design that matched their needs, looking for better ways to display information and graphics. We developed the front-end for those sections using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Tools used were Photoshop, Bitbucket and Heroku.

03 04

The results

We integrated our work to the final application, giving the application the possibility to track monthly and annual money flows, with visual consistency and clear tables that could be sorted and filtered.

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The client

"They did an excellent job when it comes to design, offered polite assistance and the willingness to understand the requirement and the needs was great. Very good communication and quality of final product"

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