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The task

The client had a web app for athletes and individuals in UK to keep track of their training, as well as for coaches to track their progress, and he needed to improve and extend the front-end.

We were challenged to integrate with an existent team of excellent and distributed developers and a large set of code already in place to be understand and improved.

02 04

The work

We did a great refactor of the code to achieve more development in the “Angular way” while we implemented new features. We implemented some of the major features such as graphics for visually tracking your training, forms, wizards and widgets.

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The results

We have been working with this team since 2014 and continue improving the app & processes, adding new features, working daily with the team and learning a lot in the path.

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The stack

Some of the techs and tools used: Angular.js (restangular, angular-ui), SASS, Bootstrap, D3, Rails, Linux, Github using pull requests, JIRA, Confluence


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