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2020 Recap: What happened last year at Bixlabs

The last was an unusual year, and we have a lot of highlights to share with all of you. Take a look at our 2020 recap.

Another year of hard work has come to an end, and it’s time to recap everything that went down in the past 12 months. 

2020 has been a challenge. Teams worldwide had a tough time achieving their goals and keeping things going on due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We all had to adapt to the new reality and leverage the benefits of remote working to make the most out of the circumstances (fortunately, we have experience in that regard).

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges and highlights of our 2020.

Exciting projects 

Our design and development team had the chance to shine in 2020, as we embarked on some amazing design and development projects. A solution that helps users choose the best insurance plan, a platform connecting actors with casting directors, and an app that allows people to share unique experiences with friends. 

The digital industry is full of fantastic entrepreneurs with many innovative ideas. We got the chance to help some of them make those ideas happen.


Service: Staff Augmentation. 

Choosing the right insurance policy is not always a comfortable task. Well, we’ve stepped towards making it much easier when partnering with Trellis, a platform that helps policyholders acquire the most convenient insurance plans. 

We provided Trellis with experienced developers to give technical support and maintenance to their web app.

Virgo Talent

Service: Product Discovery

Virgo Talent is a recruiting platform that connects casting directors with actors and actresses looking to apply to audiovisual projects. We conducted a Product Discovery to gain a deep understanding of their business and helped them define their new app from scratch.

Read more about this project in this Case Study.


Service: DevOps

GroupMaps is a social app that helps people join communities using game-like features. Through our DevOps service, we help them build an MVP from scratch and implement features and interesting tweaks to delight the users’ experience with the product.


Service: Product Discovery

Voyo allows users to share unique life experiences through images and videos. We conducted a Product Discovery process to help the startup define their app and we developed a fast prototype to test the business idea with real customers. 

We are currently working on the web and mobile app.

Revamping Tech Conversations

Continuous learning is one of the perks of being a Bixer. Last year we worked hard on improving our Tech Talks. Each month, our developers and technical leaders gather remotely to share knowledge and valuable insights about a new methodology, framework, or technology. 

The goal behind these seminars is to allow our team to share their experiences with other coworkers while encouraging the good habit of learning from each other.
In 2020, we focused on improving the Tech Talks’ process and structure to make them more dynamic, interactive, and useful.

«We find multiple advantages in our Tech Talks. From the speaker having to deepen into the subject to the knowledge shared with the rest of the team. The challenges of presenting a new topic to the rest make the developers face their fears and boost their confidence,» says Joseph, Operations Leader.

Rethinking our Customer Satisfaction program

As a digital agency, we strive to forge long-lasting relationships with our clients. 

That’s why, in 2020, we decided to work thoroughly on our Customer Satisfaction program to gather as much honest feedback as we could from our current and past clients.

It was definitely an eye-opener experience that helped us discover many opportunities to improve our project management, communications, and team organization. 

You can take a look at what our clients have to say about our services on Clutch.

Events we attended

Although we were locked in our own houses during most of the year, we were able to attend two huge events: Collision From Home and Atlassian Summit 2020

Both were held remotely but they showed excellent performance, and networking opportunities were as good as face-to-face.

Fortunately, at Bixlabs, we’ve embraced remote work since the beginning. So, we joined both conferences while also implementing a new networking strategy.

The two events were excellent opportunities to align us with the latest technology trends and connect with innovative startups and the industry’s most influential personalities.

To an even more challenging 2021!

2020 was an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, adapt to adversity, be resilient, and find new ways to maintain our services’ quality. 

There were also moments for happiness, excitement, and success. We redesigned our website and blog‘s graphic identity and experience. We redefined our services and polished our Product Discovery process to offer our clients a more comprehensive product strategy. 

To continue offering top-quality services to our clients, we welcomed six new members from different parts of Latin America to our design, development, and operations teams.

We had the strength to overcome the last year, and we are eager to see what new challenges 2021 has for us. We will be more than ready for them.

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