A web development studio crafting relevant products

Your project deserves a team that cares. One that can supplement your skills and add real expertise, speed, and execution.

A team that works side by side with you to not only build your product and write some beautiful code but to give ideas and be there to anticipate challenges.

Bixlabs is a developers-led team that leverages more than 9 years of building successful web apps to give your product a better chance for success.

Our story

It all started as a dream of doing things the right way. As passionate developers obsessed with quality and a love for our craft, we wanted to build a team that would advance how software is built while bringing great opportunities to talented people in Latin America. 

Remote work and distributed teams were not that common back in 2014, and we went on to build really cool products with nice clients from all over the US while building a team of like-minded people located in different Latam countries.

After more than 9 years of learning, we decided to make 2023 the year where we shift and narrow our focus, to do more of what we are great at.   

And that is helping those products and clients we love to work with, keeping a focus on the quality of what we do, mastering the best practices, and the joy to continue building a team that we are all proud of being part of. 

Follow us on our journey as we build some revolutionizing web products with great people, all while enjoying the ride.

This is how we roll

People First

People First

Putting people first creates a healthy work environment that benefits our partners and our work methodology.

We try to have a positive impact on the world by being approachable, open-minded, and humane.



A sheer desire to help our clients is the fuel that powers our engines. All of our practices aim at providing the best possible service and achieving the desired results.

We will always tend to our clients’ success and look for win-win situations.

Staying Curious

Staying Curious

The tech industry is always changing, and the only way to stay relevant is to never stop learning. To have a successful product, you must never stop iterating, and that’s how we feel about Bixlabs.

We are always learning, studying, and letting our curiosity guide our improvement.

Having a voice

Having a voice

Whether you are a partner or a collaborator, your voice matters. We practice assertive communication and train to become a haven for opinions, contrary ideas, and different points of view.

The best work comes from collaboration.

We care

We care

At Bixlabs, you are not just a number on a spreadsheet. We give every partner and project the importance it deserves, creating tailored strategies for each case. We believe in building strong and caring partnerships, not just transactional ones.

Delivery mindset

Delivery mindset

Every step we take is designed to bring us closer to delivery. This mindset helps us offer you a service that mitigates risks, reduces uncertainty, and makes you feel reassured in your investment and progress.


Integrity inside

Integrity inside

Bixlabs was created with the intention of doing things right, so we don’t believe in unfairness and dishonesty. Our moral compass shows the way to always act with integrity, acknowledge when something is wrong and find the best solutions for our partners.

“The developers are excellent, providing skilled development services who have worked on a high-quality product that is able to demo to users. They developed our product from scratch and it is tremendous.”

Rich Sutton
CTO @ Theta Lake

Leveraging the talent of a continent , not a country

From the beginning, we embraced remote work, and we are looking to improve it every day. Thanks to this, we have been able to work with talented people throughout Latin America.

This is a win-win situation, where we create opportunities for great devs while giving our US clients an advantage over onshore options.

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Looking to join us? Please send an email to talent@bixlabs.com

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Bixlabs is a software development company from Latin America working with US based startups to build and scale their web applications and SaaS platforms.


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