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Ambitious Targets and Advanced Technologies

Interview with Alfredo Levy, CEO of Bixlabs, by Goodfirms

Bixlabs is a product consulting and digital development company that helps startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to create innovative web and mobile apps to maximize market success. With headquarters in Montevideo and an office in Houston, Bixlabs consists of a team of 40+ professionals scattered in more than ten countries throughout the US. Recently, GoodFirms received an opportunity to schedule an interview with Alfredo Levy, the CEO of Bixlabs. During the meeting, the CEO was happy to share the motto of the company, his role and responsibilities, and the core values of Bixlabs. ‘We are not a typical software development company, but we’re committed to making the projects come alive through our integrated process”, says Alfredo.

Talking about the roles and responsibilities, Alfredo says, “I’m the co-founder and CEO, and my role intends to define the company strategy to lead my team forward. Daily, I interact with Project Managers of different areas, such as Sales, Finance, RH, and, of course, Operations.” Moreover, the company was created by keeping in mind the flexibility, where everyone can work in a team without any limitations and through which the company can create a positive impact across the world. Bixlabs was built on three main pillars inclusive of – designing the user-oriented products, deciding business goals and market findings, and to continuously iterate and adjust each product based on the validated learning.

Coming to the services, Alfredo is happy to mention that Bixlabs is having a model of a distributed in-house team. The professional app developers can help the clients to meet the goals throughout the product development cycle -i.e., from ideation to launch. With the state-of-the-art validation process, the app developers give shape to the clients’ ideas. Furthermore, with years of experience and following the best agile practices, the developers always try to build better code by executing the best methodologies. Thus, armed with the developers’ team having expertise in node.js, Angular, Kotlin, ionic, React, and Swift – the team, excels amongst the top mobile app developers in Texas at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed scorecard and the review are confirming the quality services rendered by the app developers at Bixlabs.


Besides, mobile app development, the professional team at Bixlabs also caters to the clients with the best possible web solutions. The company possesses skilled and equipped web developers working on infinite applications with an unlimited amount of data and transactions. The team at Bixlabs pursues & promptly adjusts its processes and designs for web application development as per the time and the level of the trends prevailing in the market. Based on the specifications and the types of the application, the expert developers at Bixlabs exhibit either an entirely new website or utilize another present technology for an existing application. Thus, having ample knowledge in producing the user-centric web applications, Bixlabs gets dubbed as one of the top web development companies in Texas amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.

The following scorecard and the review obtained at GoodFirms prove the service-offerings at Bixlabs.

Client rating 5 stars to Bixlabs in Clutch


Bixlabs reviews in

Having read the insights of Bixlabs shared by Mr. Alfredo Levy, one can also read the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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