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Where’s the team located?

Our team works remotely around the Americas, from the US to Argentina. Our headquarters are located in Uruguay, and we have a commercial office in Houston.

What verticals do you have experience in?

Throughout our time in the industry, we have worked with healthcare, real estate, fintech, restaurants/food, insurance, social networks, automobile, travel, movie/filmmaking, meditation, inspection, internal business administration, and automatization.

All these industries have provided us with confidence and versatility in a myriad of fields.

What technologies do you work with?

We have experience in a wide variety of web technologies for different types of projects. We specialize and focus on JavaScript and Typescript.

Some of the technologies we work with are Node, React, Angular, Vue, Nest and Next.

Do you work with the fixed price model?

We work with the time and materials model, charging depending on the time spent and the materials used to build the product.

This model allows both you and the development team to have more flexibility and a better capability of adapting to changes.

How often will I receive updates from the team?

You have communication with the team through Slack, during the workday. Our team has daily meetings, refinements, planning, and demo meetings to which you are welcome to attend and where you will receive updates of the project. You can also request a meeting at any time with the assigned project manager if there is anything to discuss.

How do I know what the team is working on?

We give you access to our ClickUp board where you can see what tasks have been completed and which ones are being worked on. You can also request a weekly report to the project manager.

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