Hey! Mozo

Hey! Mozo is a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to order at restaurants without having to wait for a waiter.

Great team makes great work

How does it work?

Users can log into the restaurants supported by the app using geolocation. They can reserve a table on their own, or invite friends to do so. Individually, they can create their own orders and any person from that table reservation can send it to the waiter. Once they are ready to go, they ask for the bill and can stay for the next course, or leave the table.

Our Work

When we started working in this project, the client already had a relatively high quality design and flow. We reworked parts of the design to have fewer custom components. We designed and build the web terminal for waiters, and the Restaurant dashboard from scratch.


1 Project Manager

3 Developers

1 Designer




Diego Praderi

Tech Stack

Socket io
Postgre SQL

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