An online learning platform for doctors

Acapedia is a pioneering platform accredited by the ACCME, dedicated to empowering physicians in their continuous learning and professional development.



Acapedia’s platform provides doctors with a convenient and flexible way to expand their knowledge and meet their continuing education requirements.

By offering trending articles that can be read at any time, professionals can stay up-to-date in their field while earning CME credits through quizzes.

With a decade of expertise in the CME industry and accreditation from ACCME, Acapedia sought to create a versatile platform applicable not only to medical professionals but to any industry with accreditation requirements.

They work on redefining medical education by making advancements accessible and ensuring healthcare is always guided by the latest scientific knowledge.


The Challenge

The client approached us with a vision and wireframes, presenting a unique challenge. Acapedia aimed to create a brand and platform that could cater to professionals across diverse industries.

This demanded a clean, extensible design and infrastructure to accommodate the client’s ambitious goals. The platform required two key components: content submission and review for professional consumption and the acquisition of credits through a transcript.

In response to the challenges, our proposed Validation Sprint, including a prototype, addressed the client’s need for a universal platform. Despite initial hesitancy, we convinced the client of the importance of the Discovery Process. Two validation sprints, real user testing, and agile development led to the successful launch of Acapedia.

This iterative process allowed for the successful launch of Acapedia, boasting over 100 registered users and an impressive tally of 3000 submissions within a span of four months. The platform’s efficacy was underscored by its adoption by esteemed institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, where it was utilized for article submissions and survey design.

We also conducted a brand sprint, creating a new brand identity and leveraging Material UI for compatibility with Vue components. 

Our services spanned Discovery, Validation Sprints, UX Tests, Brand Sprints, and Delivery. From web development to DevOps, staff augmentation, and diverse testing methodologies, we provided end-to-end solutions. We meticulously managed project risks and implemented scalability testing to ensure a seamless user experience.

"The work was excellent. Bixlabs is very responsive and helps solve problems that come up immediately.

Our team is now a well oiled machine, thanks to the diligence of the company.

I have faith that we will continue to evolve and work with Bixlabs for a long time."

Alex Pasciak
CEO @ Acapedia


Our experience with Acapedia serves as proof of our expertise in overcoming intricate obstacles, strategically cooperating, and providing cutting-edge solutions.

The journey encompassed a comprehensive Discovery phase and Agile Development. With a strategically planned roadmap for several years, we successfully completed a full product cycle. The adoption of Clean Architecture, adherence to testing pyramid principles, and a high-performance team contributed to the project’s success.

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