A platform for instant global payments

Mural makes it easy to manage instant payments and invoices for contractors and vendors worldwide.



Mural started as a web 3-based platform that allowed all crypto transactions carried out by the DAOs and their members to be kept transparent, as well as to maintain a record of them beyond those already provided by the ethereum network such as etherscan.

After a while working together on this product, they did a pivot to a online payment system for the future of economy.

Filling a gap between the web3 and web2 ecosystem, they are now making online payments friendly for everyone and working towards a seamless and instantaneous way of moving your money around.

The Challenge

When the project started, the main challenge was accessing and representing real-time Ethereum network information within Mural for a DAO, enabling actions like transfers, transaction viewing, milestone recording, and funding proposals through React and Nestjs-based web application integration with the Gnosis Safe API, overcoming limited documentation.

As the project evolved, it faced a big shift transitioning from a focus on DAOs to becoming a platform facilitating the use of crypto, particularly stablecoins, for international payments to contractors worldwide.

The application underwent a complete refactor (version 2) to cater to traditional businesses while maintaining some concepts from DAOs.

Mural’s main challenge is bridging the gap between web2 and web3, making the app user-friendly for all types of users, regardless of technical or crypto background. To tackle this, the focus is on simple and intuitive designs, backed by turning complex concepts into straightforward features


The platform incorporates on-ramp and off-ramp functionality through external providers, simplifying fiat-to-crypto transitions within the app.
Digital signatures with passkeys were implemented, allowing users to link digital wallets to their biometric information without dealing with browser extensions or complex hardware. 

Additionally, the app employs a relayer to execute transactions within Mural without users worrying about blockchain fees and gas, abstracting these concepts from the user experience.


We have released multiple versions and iterations of the application. On two occasions, we completely rebuilt the app, which has enabled us to enhance and refine areas that needed improvement. This approach has allowed us to achieve a high level of effectiveness in the app’s functionality.

The application has undergone multiple versions, with two complete rebuilds, enabling continuous improvement to achieve a robust and reliable state.

We transformed into genuine partners offering technical expertise to their team and also utilizing their platform, establishing a strong bond with them.

Mural raised $5M
in funding and has partnered with leader FinTech investors and advisors from companies like Palantir and Apple to continue growing.

"The team from Bixlabs is incredibly personable, friendly, caring, and thoughtful.

Of all the contracting agencies that we’ve used, Bixlabs has provided us with the most timely work.

The projects have been very successful so far. The metric of their success is demonstrated by the quality of their code."

Sinclair Toffa
CEO @ Mural

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