A coaching app for Agile teams

SurgeMaker is a cloud-based app that allows for data-driven, evidence-based coaching for Agile development teams.



SurgeMaker is a tool provided by Gear Stream, a consultancy specializing in Agile processes. Their application suite focuses on measuring and improving Agile processes.

This app was inspired by 300 successful Agile implementations.

SurgeMaker measures key elements necessary for Agile capability and mastery. With this tool, the user is able to create their own methodology or adapt an existing one to their specific needs. 

The Challenge

In 2014 we were contacted by Gear Stream to continue developing an application for Agile coaches and teams, using mainly Backbone, handlebars, Cordova and SASS, among other technologies.

Our mission was to fix specific problems and add some new functionalities. If everything worked well, we had a great possibility to continue working together, adding more features and maintaining the application.

We started by working on their iPad app (using Cordova) and worked for some months to release a version for beta testing.

After that, the client decided to focus on a redesign and a web version.

Some of the main challenges we encountered were to refactor the app, to change the BAAS two times, to entirely redesign the app and to change the development methodology, to work in a more agile and lean way.

"Bixlabs is always very receptive and reactive to our requests and very proactive in asking for feedback on how they're doing. It's great working with them because you work with the people at their company and not with heavy contracts. It's a very personal relationship with their staff. "

Brad Murphy
CEO @ Gear Stream


We helped them to develop applications to improve and measure the performance and results of their consultancies.

We were part of their development team for more than seven years. We started with their iPad app and continued to help evolve SurgeMaker into a web app.

We developed their mobile and web applications, including front and back end. It was an incremental partnership that evolved through the years to fit client’s needs and we learned a lot working together. 


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