Better compliance for collaboration platforms

Theta Lake detects compliance risks and reduces security costs in team collaboration sessions.

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Theta Lake is an enterprise tool that uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to detect compliance risks in video collaboration, call recordings, and other rich media content.

Featuring an AI-assisted workflow, Theta Lake provides companies with automatic policy detection of regulatory risks in modern team collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom.

Created by entrepreneurs and renowned tech industry experts, Theta Lake is designed and built, especially for business environments.


Millions Raised


Years working together

The Challenge

Theta Lake was looking for a dedicated frontend development team to work closely with their in-house designers and backend developers. We were more than happy to help them carry out this challenging project with our Staff Augmentation service.

As the project evolved and the client saw the results of our work, they entrusted us with more responsibilities and tasks. Theta Lake asked us to provide Go and Ruby on Rails developers for developing the platform’s backend.

We also assisted them with DevOps support, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and helped them with the decision-making process.

After a year of work, we became a fundamental part of Theta Lake’s team, assuming the technical leadership of the web app’s frontend and solving critical technical challenges.

We worked on the product from scratch, devising the application’s structure around the existing backend design.

We built integrations with


For this project, we followed the Scrum methodology. This allowed us to achieve frequent inspection, quick adaptation, and an organized and efficient work process for the best results.
We conducted code and functionality reviews to ensure high-quality development.

We also implemented end-to-end tests, integration tests, and unit tests, which allowed us to ensure high performance and stability for the platform.


One of the project’s highlights was that we had the chance to gather with the client’s team.

Our developers have traveled from Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Costa Rica to meet Theta Lake’s team, and we had the chance to work and collaborate live in places like Mendoza, Quito, Tulum, Montevideo and Panamá.

Travels together


Shortly after the initial product release, Theta Lake’s project reached significant milestones. These achievements gave the teams a confidence boost to move forward and keep on improving the app.

Currently, we’re focusing on staying involved in the project working in both the frontend and backend. We constantly gather feedback from the client and the users, which allows us to ensure the product keeps improving on each new iteration.

The client launched its application, and it is currently live and running. The MVP was developed within the client’s deadlines and budget.

Theta Lake features innovative functionalities that help solve core problems from the target segment.

The company raised $65M
in funding and has recently partnered with Cisco, Microsoft, Mural, and many others. 

"The developers are excellent, providing skilled development services who have worked on a high-quality product that is able to demo to users. Working within the existing team, they fit in well and communicate effectively using Slack, email, and Jira.

They developed our product from scratch and it is tremendous."

Rich Sutton
CTO @ Theta Lake

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