A collaborative task management tool

Workast helps teams on Slack organize their work.

Delegate tasks, manage projects, run meetings, streamline processes and gain visibility of what your team is working on.



Workast is a task management tool for Slack that allows teams to create and assign tasks easily and set due dates without leaving the chat interface.

With Workast, Slack channels and conversations are turned into to-do lists, so teams don’t have to waste time setting up projects or boards.

The Challenge

After the success of their Slack-based bot, Workast was looking to create a stand-alone web application from scratch. 

Over 60.000 teams have installed Workast bot on Slack and users have asked to be able to manage their tasks using a GUI.

We designed and developed an MVP that included key features like user settings, task details, to-do lists, and a dashboard.

We developed the web app using Angular and Node. The new iteration of the product mainly focused on helping users quickly see their tasks and manage workloads from one place.

"The quality of Bixlabs' team is high in comparison to what we had. They may have a better recruitment or training process, which resulted in better developers. I also think that their members are very experienced. We simply liked their skillset and the results of the work."

Angeli Yuson
CEO @ Workast


We created a web application that extends the plugin and allows the user to manage tasks in an easier way including: User Setting Page, Tasks detail page and Dashboard of all tasks and to-do lists.

The response to the web application has been really positive and users are loving the ease of use, as they are now able to mark a task done with a click of a button and easily add comments and tasks. The dashboard has provided users with a place to see all of their tasks in an easier way, and users can manage their workload all from one place.

After releasing the MVP to the market, the startup raised a $2M funding round

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