Meaningful apps coded with passion

Bixlabs can become your partner on this journey

We can help you meet your goals throughout the whole product development lifecycle, from ideation to launch. It doesn’t matter the stage you are at the moment −just an innovative idea in mind, a design with specs, or already with a working product.

You’ll find a team of dedicated members, in an Agile environment, ready to make your app user-friendly, working the latest technologies, and applying the best fit cognitive patterns.

Product Strategy

Following best Agile practices, we iterate over a backlog that's about building better code, using better methodologies, and being better people day-after-day. Agile is about trust in our clients and in our team who ultimately become part of our big family.

With every project, we go through a process:
  • Discovery Phase
  • Roadmap Definition
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing & Growth
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Mobile & Web

We walk with you through our discovery phase, in which we'll both define our goals, user stories, core technologies, user experience, interface design, and prioritized roadmap.

The discover phase ends with a clickable prototype, approved by you, before we start developing. Each feature and each release is tested thoroughly before being deployed into the market.

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UX/UI Design

UX is key for user engagement.

Your app should be easy and fun-to-use in order to keep it relevant and to provide a unique experience to your target user. UX considers how your users feel and behave with your app.

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