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Bixlabs can become your partner on this journey

We can help you meet your goals throughout the whole product development lifecycle, from ideation to launch. It doesn’t matter the stage you are at the moment −just an innovative idea in mind, a design with specs, or already with a working product.

You’ll find a team of dedicated members, in an Agile environment, ready to make your app user-friendly, working the latest technologies, and applying the best fit cognitive patterns.

Product Validation

Product Validation

We have developed a state-of-the-art validation process to shake your ideas. The core of this is to validate your assumptions, gain new insights, and refine your idea. To invest in the development of a product is time and cost sensitive. After years of experience, we have come to realize this process helps reduce risks, and also finds opportunities. During this series of steps, we take your product and business hypothesis and take them through various quantitative and qualitative methods such as:

  • exploratory interviews
  • online experiments
  • rapid prototypes

At the end of this process you will have discovered new insights, have a better understanding of your business idea, and a clear direction of how to move forward.

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Mobile & Web

Our team of app developers consist, mostly, on highly educated Engineers and Software developers, trained in the latest trends of the technology world, with years of experience in the work field.

Following best Agile practices, we work around trust (in our clients and our team), are always looking for ways to building better code, and what methodologies work best.

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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Your app should be easy and fun-to-use in order to keep it relevant and to provide a unique experience to your target user. Our approach is to create user experiences and interfaces always keeping the user as a center, to create engaging and habit-forming products.

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Product & Project Management

Product Management and Strategy

We help you define your products vision, set a strategy, and create a roadmap. It doesn’t matter where you’re in your product’s lifecycle, we can engage an become your long-term product manager, always looking forward to assess and improve your products success.

Staff Augmentation


We can share our talent and know-how to add support to your existing team. When choosing this service, you get on-demand developers with high-level experience in the technology world to fit the team you need to create your digital product.

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