Asociación Española is the first mutualist created in the American continent, 165 years of continuity in the healthcare system of Uruguay. The Human Resources department of La Asociación Española reached out to us to create an app for their employees.

About the app

Soy Española is an HR app and an administration portal. The HR department wanted to speed up and modernize some of the processes:

  • Requesting vacation days and processing other HR paperwork. They used to work the old fashioned way of pushing paper at the HR office. With over 5,000 employees, the situation was frustrating for everyone.
  • Promoting general news with their organization. Each department was operating in silos, there was poor click-through for their internal email newsletter, and the best way they had to communicate news was through bulletin boards. The app leveraged the engagement related to the process automation to effectively engage with their employees, creating a virtual bulletin feed.

We built the app with three components:

1. Backend using GraphQL
2. Frontend for iOS and Android
3. Backoffice for the HR department.

Our Work

La Asociación Española’s intrapreneurs came to us to develop an MVP. We planned several releases of the app according to a roadmap. Each release was wireframed with our client, and each edge case was thought out in respect to the company’s existing policies. The first iteration was targeted to a specific set of 1,200 users.

Bixlabs developed company-facing iOS and Android apps to streamline internal resource management as well as the server and back-office. We used Ionic for iOS and Android, Angular for the administration portal, and GraphQL for the API. The database uses PostgreSQL.

The team took great effort to simulate the existing experience of employees so that the experience would be intuitive and comfortable to use. We met every deadline without exception, and met 80% of our initial target demographic within the first few months, which greenlighted future iterations of the app and to expand to more users within the company.


1 Project Manager

1 Technical Leader

1 Designer

2 Developers




Montevideo, Uruguay

Tech Stack

Socket io
Postgre SQL

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