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When building a web application or SaaS platform, scaling your team and technology can be a challenge. Improve your chances of success by partnering with a team that feels close and cares about your product.


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Why should you choose Bixlabs for your web product

It’s not just about creating software. You need to accelerate your growth, attract users and expand your operations. 

We understand this, so we put together teams that are tailored to your unique needs, to unlock the full potential of your organization. 


Growing together

Eliminating compliance risks and reducing security costs

We helped California-based company Theta Lake build their enterprise tool integrating artificial intelligence and deep learning. 

After the release of the platform, Theta Lake had great success and has continued to scale. It has raised more than $65M and partnered with Cisco, Zoom and Slack.

Better insurance options through technology

We helped Trellis, a venture capital-backed company, improve its productivity and evolve to match the growth it had in 2020. 

Trellis is an online platform that allows American users to access personalized and more economic insurance plans.

Connecting actors and actresses with audiovisual projects

We helped Virgo Talent improve its product’s performance, fix critical bugs, and refine its user experience with our Product Discovery process. 

Plus, the Product Discovery led to a successful roadmap for the implementation of the new version of the app.

Our services

JavaScript and web app experts ready to augment your team

Don’t settle for the limited talent in your local area when competing against giants like Google or Facebook.

Our devs hit the ground running and you’ll see results in the first sprint.

Create your custom web app from scratch with a managed team: Project Manager, Tech Lead, QAs and designers

Speed up your development and get the team that will make product building simpler.

Tap into an external Agile team who will go the extra mile, be there for you, and bring excitement to the table. 

A simple process to help you get results, faster

From the initial meeting to the first line of code, we streamline the process to start delivering value within weeks, not months. 


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Onboarding and grow

A nearshore team that feels close to you

We are a super-efficient startup-size team of JavaScript lovers, passionate about web development and scalability.

As a distributed team since day one, you will benefit from working with people that get what collaborative really means. 

Daily communication during your business hours, cultural affinity and English fluency, are some of the benefit we bring to the table. 

A shared approach to high-quality software development and ever-improving mindset, using best practices – Git systems, Unit Testing, Clean code and documentation, CI/CD – and bringing the expertise you needed yesterday.


You are in good company

They developed our product from scratch and it is tremendous.

They have delivered perfectly and continue to do so.

They’re very skilled engineers who know what they are doing.

Over the holidays, we had engineers taking a vacation and Bixlabs was able to very quickly find people who could contribute meaningfully in the absence of the main developers who were assigned.

They’re very good at what they do and they have a lot of expertise.

Rich Sutton
CTO, ThethaLake

The team from Bixlabs is incredibly personable, friendly, caring, and thoughtful. 

Of all the contracting agencies that we’ve used, Bixlabs has provided us with the most timely work.

The projects have been very successful so far. The metric of their success is demonstrated by the quality of their code.

We are also measuring on ease of iteration, progress, and communication, which are all factors contributing to overall growth.

Sinclair Toffa
CEO, Mural

They’ve been great to work with across the board; they’re flexible and understanding of working with a business without any direct product content.

In addition to their flexibility, they also have an effective process.

They’re organized when it comes to managing projects, allowing for a lot of visibility of what they’re working on.

Bixlabs delivers a large volume of high-quality work while meeting deadlines.

It’s been a very easy relationship overall.

Shannon Gordon
CEO, TheBoardList

Our internal users are loving the update and are satisfied with the work that was delivered.

It is great working with Bixlabs as they will come up with solutions by themselves for any problems that were faced during the time on the project.

They would reach out and confirm how they thought the behavior should work and kept our team in the loop all the time.

They were always open to feedback and asking for it.

Danny Watts
VP of Engineering, Dealers United

The work was excellent. Bixlabs is very responsive and helps solve problems that come up immediately.

Our team is now a well oiled machine, thanks to the diligence of the company.

I have faith that we will continue to evolve and work with Bixlabs for a long time.

Alex Pasciak
CEO, Acapedia

They’re a great team and a great company overall.

As far as feedback from us, the app works great, it is quick, delivered just as in the provided design and generally provides a smooth user experience.

They were professional and the full stack dev I worked with really knew the language and the frameworks.

They really built the app to my exact specifications and suggested me the best solution.

Maxim Rusakov
Head of AI, Evolution Energy

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