TodoPerro is an app for dog lovers. Lucia and Mariana, the entrepreneurs behind this product, already had the app in the market when they came to us, but they were looking for a change of strategy: to build an online store.

The app that they first released to the market had all the information a dog owner needed, such as addresses and phone numbers of vets, dog walkers, trainers, pet-shops information, and so on.

It was a static application: just a platform with information, but no interaction. Once that app was on the market, they discovered the need of users to interact with the businesses. That’s when they came to us with the idea of the online store.

The challenge

As we got closer to the project, some questions raised:

  • Would an online store dog-exclusive be viable?
  • What is the real need for an app that allows interaction between dog owners and service providers?
  • Could TodoPerro be unique and present a clear differentiation in the market?
  • What is the unique value that this app has to offer?
  • Who would be the early adopters for this new dog online store?

With so many questions in our hands, we didn’t want Mariana and Lucia to invest in changing their app without being sure what the users needed, we decided to carry on with a Discovery Process with a strong focus on validating the hypothesis and ideas throughout the whole journey.

Stages of the process

These are the steps we followed to get the right
answers to the questions formulated above:

Initial Analysis

The entrepreneur team had deep knowledge of the different businesses around dogs and dog-owners but had to learn more about the users, so we concentrated on studying and verifying which were the most appropriate user segments to targets and business models. We also did introductory research on different market segments and competitors.